What is this?

Oh hello! Congrats (I think) on stumbling across this blog. If you don’t know me, I’m Joshua Reach – an Arizona-based designer who has just started his 5th attempt at blogging. That’s right, there’s 4 other places full of random thoughts and attempts at blogging from yours truly.

This one is a bit different though. Mainly because I actually paid to have this fancy WordPress site, but also because I really want to focus on contributing to the creative community and have even created a plan to keep this going for the next few months. After the first few months it should come naturally and be a habit, right?

So what’s this blog about? Design! Anything and everything design but mostly graphic, web and product design. I’m a marketing designer with over 10 years of marketing know-how, so a lot of my perspective will be from in-house marketing views. That said I’ve also studied other forms of design, but have been obsessed with product and experience design for the past few years.

Expect this to be about design.

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