Creative Works – the Hyundai In-House Design Team

In-house creative teams have been on the rise for years, and in some cases have become more sophisticated than even the most iconic design agencies. Case in point: Creative Works.

Creative Works is based in Seoul, South Korea and is the highly talented team of in-house designers that run the Hyundai Motor Company brand. I stumbled across the Creative Works site from a Brand New article on the Hyundai brand refresh. The update to the visual identity was tastefully done and even included a custom sans serif typeface. I was surprised and deeply impressed, especially to see that this didn’t come from some world-renowned branding agency.

design space
A sampling of the Creative Works design space.

I’ve seen some impressive design come out of South Korea in recent years, but when I began to browse around the Creative Works website, I realized this was no ordinary design team. They have a superb creative space and seem to hold their standards as high (if not higher) than companies like Apple or McLaren.

This was no ordinary design team.

Even something like the i30N – the latest hot hatch from the Korean auto giant – was given special treatment seen by only the likes of automakers such as BMW or Mercedes. The first 250 people who purchased the zippy i30N received what the Creative Works team calls a “driver starter kit”. This is no embroidered ball cap and leather keychain that comes with the paper signing. This is something that becomes an experience of its own – with tastefully done accessories, an action camera, and a book that looks like something out of one of New York’s top design studios. Be sure to check out the entire project here. I love how every piece accents the actual style of the car.

driver starter kit
A sampling of the i30N “Driver Starter Kit” by the Creative Works team.

What I love about a team like Creative Works is that a large company like Hyundai has seen so much value in design, that they’ve invested the money to foster a group like this. Hyundai wasn’t always known for the best aesthetic choices in years past, but that’s the old Hyundai. Clearly they didn’t just see the pay-off in better car design, but also in brand design.

Whether big businesses like to admit it or not; investing in great design pays off on all levels. Hyundai is proof of that. Hats off to the insanely talented Creative Works team for showing the world that when a company invests in creative, it produces something truly memorable.

Be sure to check out all of their work at the Creative Works website.

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